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20 Year Old TurboVap® Still in Use

19 August 2014

Linda McKay is a clinical biochemist working as senior analyst at Aberdeen Royal Hospital, providing general toxicology analysis for Grampian and Highlands of Scotland. They have 120 methods that use SPE clean up and require sample concentration prior to GMS and LCMS analysis.

In her lab stands a TurboVap® LV purchased in 1994. It is used daily and still going strong.

- Compared with old heater blocks, this evaporator is ten times faster and simple to use as you do not have to stand over it to monitor progress which is essential with other types of sample concentrators, says Linda McKay. 

Her sample extracts need concentrating by evaporation following SPE extraction of the analytes. Linda McKay uses 15 ml centrifuge tubes and then concentrate the samples down to 0.5 ml.

- The TurboVap LV does this quickly and has a good capacity for 50 samples at a time. We are really happy with what it does and its reliability over the past 20 years.

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