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Application Note AN079: Mass-Directed Flash Purification of a Peptidic Opioid Neurotransmitter

21 January 2014

Biotage has released a new application note for Isolera™ Dalton mass directed flash purification. 

Synopsis:  We demonstrate the mass-directed purification of a simple peptide using reversed-phase flash chromatography. The example peptide, a mammalian opioid neurotransmitter was synthesized using Rink Amide- ChemMatrix® resin and Biotage® Initiator+ Alstra™. Purification and isolation of the peptide was achieved with Isolera™ Dalton and V-10 for the evaporation stages thereby maximizing both efficiency and speed of peptide synthesis and purification.

Traditional RP-HPLC techniques are not always critical because improvements in solid-phase peptide synthesis techniques over the years (microwave heating and ChemMatrix® solid phase supports) have reduced the burden on downstream purification steps. Mass directed flash purification can be a viable alternative to more expensive and lower capacity semi- or prep-scale RP-HPLC methods.

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