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Avoid Difficult By-products in Mitsunobu Reactions

01 March 2016

Biotage® PS-Triphenylphosphine is a powerful supported phosphine reagent for popular reactions such as Wittig, Mitsunobu, chlorination of acids and alcohols and the scavenging of alkyl halides. Unlike the small molecule reagent, the triphenylphosphine oxide by-product of reaction stays 100% resin bound, meaning that removal of product from phosphine oxide can be accomplished by simple low tech filtration techniques.


Mitsunobu reaction scheme.


Wittig reaction scheme.

Biotage® PS-Triphenylphosphine is a diphenylphosphinated polystyrene resin that is a solid-supported equivalent of triphenylphosphine. The resin can readily convert alcohols or carboxylic acids to the corresponding chlorides or acid chlorides in carbon tetrachloride. PS-Triphenylphosphine can also be used in Mitsunobu reactions to prepare aryl ethers in good-to-excellent yields and in high purities. The procedures provide pure products without the need for laborious silica gel chromatography. 

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Biotage® PS-Triphenylphosphine Solid-Supported Phosphine

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