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Biotage Acquires Protein Purification Company PhyNexus Inc

05 December 2018

Biotage has entered an agreement to acquire PhyNexus, Inc. based in California, USA.



 PhyNexus specializes in purification of biomolecules such as proteins, plasmids and antibodies, and has developmed columns and robotics to miniaturize and automate the process. The columns are compatible with all of the major robotic liquid handlers. Through the acquisition, Biotage will be able to provide its global customers an enabling automation platform based on Dual Flow Chromatography and patented tip technology for higher throughput purification of biomolecules at the lab-scale. Biotage predicts that this platform has the future potential to address a growing multi-billion USD market. 


"The acquisition is complementary to our existing offering and enables us to better address the growing biomolecules market. We are very much looking forward to accelerate our efforts in this fast emerging area,” says Biotage CEO Torben Jörgensen. 

Right: The PhyNexus AutoPlasmid MMG with patented Dual Flow Chromatography technology.

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