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Biotage ACCSI award

Biotage Awarded for Most Recognized Evaporator

28 April 2017

TurboVap® LV solvent evaporator was awarded the prize for highest customer attention rating at the Eleventh Scientific Instrument Summit (ACCSI 2017) in China.


On April 24th 2017, General Manager of Biotage in China Shi Lei received the organization's award for Most Attention. The prize is awarded to the instrument with the highest interest ratings throughout the year, based on customer visits and clicks on China's most prominent online portal for scientific instruments

TurboVap® is one ot the most long standing product lines offered by Biotage, dating back nearly 20 years. Some of the first generation instruments are still functional and in use in laboratories around the world. The durability and trust accumulated by this product line has made it a top chioce for solvent evaporation by scientists in analytical chemistry. 

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