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Biotage® Extrahera™ Sample Processor Outperforms Manual Methods

12 December 2014

A 19% improvement in relative standard deviation was recorded for a sample preparation method performed using Biotage® Extrahera™ compared to the equivalent manual method.


Two studies performed at Biotage labs compared the performance of Biotage® Extrahera™ automated sample processor to an equivalent manual method for extraction of β-blockers and NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) from plasma. Significant improvements in both analyte recovery and %RSD for the analytes were observed when using Extrahera for sample processing. 

For Metoprolol the %RSD improved was 19%, for Propranolol the %RSD improvement was 8%, and for Alprenolol Extrahera showed an improvement in the %RSD of 12%.

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