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Biotage Raises the Bar in Flash Purification with Technology Dramatically Reducing Solvent Use and Costs up to 60%

23 February 2010

Uppsala, Sweden, February 23, 2010 – Biotage, a leading supplier of tools and technology for medicinal and analytical chemistry, announced the launch of enhanced gradient optimization (GO) technology for their Isolera™ flash purification product line. This technology can reduce solvent use and cost by 60% or more.

Sample purification is an indispensible tool for synthetic organic chemists. However, the costs associated with acquiring and disposing of solvents continues to increase. For many labs, the total solvent consumption used in purification work can be more than half of the lab’s yearly budget. “Biotage’s new gradient optimization technology or “GO” capability allows researchers to automatically convert less efficient linear gradients to an optimized step gradient with the press of a button” says Bob Bickler, Senior Product Manager at Biotage. Linear gradients typically use 13 or more column volumes of solvent but the Isolera GO feature can reduce the number of column volumes to 7 or even 5, reducing solvent use 60% or more.

The GO solvent saving feature is available on all new Isolera systems. As many in the medicinal chemistry arena institute “green chemistry” initiatives, Biotage continues to evolve its products to aid it customers and the environment.

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