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Canadian Researcher on the Verge of Developing a Novel Cancer Therapy

01 February 2016

Dr. Patrick Gunning and his research team at the University of Toronto, Canada, are on the verge of a breakthrough in developing a less harmful treatment method for blood cancer. Their laboratory is equipped with Isolera™ flash chromatography systems from Biotage for the purification of organic compounds. 


Many cancer treatment methods, such as chemotherapy, are broad swords attacking tissues other than just the cancer cells, causing suffering and sometimes organ failure with the patients. A more targeted approach is being developed by Dr. Gunning's research group where anti-cancer molecules latch onto the key proteins in cancer cells – turning off the tumour growing process.

“Our goal is that these molecules will allow people to have a less aggressive cancer therapy regimes, and will prevent tumours from coming back,” says Dr. Gunning.

Dr. Gunning's laboratory in Toronto is equipped with an Isolera™ Dalton and an Isolera™ Flash Purification system.

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