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Comprehensive Guide to the Industrial Product Portfolio

19 November 2015

Biotage offers products and tools for large scale chemistry. These products are now explained in detail in a comprehensive guide comprising flash purification, metal scavenging and supported reagents. Download it below. 


Biotage has a strong customer base of research and manufacturing partners, including the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies. Our carefully selected portfolio of industrial scale products have a proven track record of successful applications and use in scale-up projects. Our strength lies in efficiency and value. From robust day-to-day methods to bespoke solutions, Biotage products support the discovery, development and manufacturing of customer pharmaceutical and biotechnology products, from pre-clinical, phase I, II and III to small scale commercial operations.

Biotage Flash 150

In 1994 Biotage was the first company to develop pre-packed cartridges for flash purification. Today, the company offers tools and products for transferring lab scale methods and techniques to larger scale industrial and process chemistry. With proven patents, compliance with regulatory directives, and rugged technology, the Biotage industrial product portfolio addresses challenges posed by large scale operations. Our development systems enable chemists to fully optimize stationary phases and flow rates in method development, and apply them to larger scale purification, radically enhancing the efficiency of the production process.  Our metal scavengers enable the removal of trace metal elemental impurities from API or other pharma outputs, whilst supported reagents and scavengers are used to alleviate significant workflow limitations of traditional chemistry.

Product Overview

  • Large scale purification systems
  • Large scale purification cartridges
  • Metal scavengers
  • Supported reagents
  • Supported scavengers
  • Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs)

Download the brochure below. 

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