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Cost Effective Synthesis of a Fluorescently Labeled Peptide

02 January 2015

This application note illustrates the small µmol scale synthesis of a labeled antimicrobial peptide on Biotage® Initiator+ Alstra™.


The ability to easily perform peptide synthesis at the 5 µmol scale as well as the capability to access multiple reagents and solvents, deliver different concentrations of reagents, and perform peptide synthesis over a wide range of scales, makes Initiator+ Alstra™ ideal for method development. Since the instrument can also be operated at larger scales, once the chemistry is optimized at the cost effective µmol scale, the synthesis is easily scaled up to obtain the desired quantity of peptide.

Here, we demonstrate how the fully automated synthesis of a fluorescently labeled antimicrobial peptide using Biotage® Initiator+ Alstra™ at low micromole scales increases crude product yield while conserving expensive reagents.

The research for this application note was carried out in the Biotage Applications Laboratory, Charlotte NC, USA.

 Sequence and structure of the fluorescently labeled antimicrobial peptide

Sequence and structure of the fluorescently labeled antimicrobial peptide.

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