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Customer Case: A Workflow for Academic Drug Discovery - Baylor College of Medicine

21 June 2019

Dr. Justin Anglin is Director of the Center for Drug Discovery at in the Baylor College of Medicine Neurological Research Institute. He offered us a visit to talk about muscle cachexia as well as their innovative projects focused on male contraceptives. We were able to take a tour of their state-of-the-art lab after which includes a full suite of Biotage products, something Dr. Anglin uses every day.


"We’re working on inhibition of kinase targets for various muscle cachexia, or muscle-wasting. There is a big push for muscle cachexia, for example people who sit in a hospital bed all day and begin to lose their muscle. These tests will hopefully identify a drug that will induce muscle growth and reverse atrophy.

[Using flash chromatography] is extremely important, you can’t do any medchem projects without strict-quality control. The risk of being misled is just too high. Using the Isolera plus the columns allows us to have super clean results on our high-resolution mass-spec and NMR spectra and, ultimately, confidence in our assay results. 

For me it’s always the Isolera. I might use something else if I dry-load but liquid loading is generally sufficient and expedient, and that means the Isolera. I’ll use it in combo with the V-10 Touch because it’s efficient and fast to use them together. I can knock out 16 purifications with the Isolera and then dry them on the V-10 quicker than using a rotavap and round-bottom flasks without risk of solvent bumping. I use the entire Biotage suite when working in the lab. With the Isoleras we setup for reverse-phase, I tend to use the 13 x 100 racks such that fractions are eight milliliters. The V-10 Touch dries these in a 20 mL bottle under 10 minutes with minimal heating; it’s a great setup."

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