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Evaluation of Drugs of Abuse Extraction from Whole Blood

11 November 2015

A poster from Biotage presented at SOFT 2015, Atlanta, demonstrates a fast and reliable protocol to extract multiple drug of abuse panels from whole blood using a common methodology. This benefits laboratory workflow where multiple assays are run each day, saving worker hours as well as consumable costs.


Whole blood continues to be a valuable tool in forensic toxicology for the immediate and near-term detection of illicit drugs, and in cases where no other sample is available. Screening drugs of abuse can be complicated due to the wide variation of functional groups associated with different analyte classes. Most extraction techniques cannot extract all analytes using a single procedure without using non-optimal extraction protocols resulting in compromised extract cleanliness. Supported liquid extraction allows for the simultaneous analysis of cross functional analytes in a single extraction protocol without forfeiting extract cleanliness.

Sample Preparation Procedure


ISOLUTE® SLE+ 1 mL capacity ‘C’ columns; PN. 820-0140-C

Matrix Pre-treatment

400 μL of whole blood was pre-treated with 400 μL of 1% ammonium hydroxide in water (NH4OH)

Sample Application

750 μL of pre-treated blood was applied to the columns

Analyte Extraction

2 x 2.5 mL aliquots of DCM. Each aliquot was allowed to flow under gravity for 5 minutes before applying a pulse of positive pressure for 10-20 seconds to completely remove the final aliquot.

Post Extraction

The extracts, with the exception of amphetamine compounds, were evaporated to dryness at 40 °C. Amphetamines were evaporated at ambient temperature. Subsequent analysis was conducted with GC/MS. 

Download the poster below. 

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