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Extraction of Propofol from Whole Blood

06 October 2015

A new poster from Biotage labs demonstrates the suitability of ISOLUTE® SLE+ for the rapid and reliable extraction of Propofol from whole blood, prior to GC/MS analysis.


Propofol is used in clinical environments to induce states of anesthesia or reduced sensitivity during surgical procedures. However, it also has the potential to be abused for short-term hallucinations and euphoric effects, and with a very small therapeutic range, unanticipated fatal results are possible.

Key Findings

  • The addition of tetrabutylammonium hydroxide following extraction and prior to evaporation was critical to prevent
    evaporative losses of Propofol.
  • MTBE and ethyl acetate both offer high percentage recovery of Propofol. However MTBE offers cleaner extracts and chromatographic baselines which allow for a lower limit of quantitation.
  • Analysis of phospholipids using LC-MS/MS, demonstrates the optimized methods on ISOLUTE® SLE+ do not allow breakthrough of these whole blood components into the extract and is applicable and transferrable to LC as an end point.

This poster was presented at TIAFT 2015, Florence.
Download this poster below. 

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