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Faster Workflow with Biotage® V-10 Evaporator

12 December 2016

Fewer transfers and the ability to evaporate difficult solvents right in the scintillation vial has made Biotage® V-10 the go-to evaporator at Sanford Burnham Prebys (SBP), a top medical research institute.


“I really don’t use my rotary evaporator that much anymore,” is what Paul Hershberger told me when I visited him at SBP Medical Discovery Institute. “As a matter of fact, the five chemists in our group only occasionally use their rotary evaporators.”

After Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute installed a Biotage® V-10 Evaporator in their lab, the group quickly recognized the V-10’s value for routine evaporation of solvent from synthetic intermediates and for preparation of reaction aliquots prior to analysis by NMR.

They started to use the V-10 as a walk up evaporator, in place of their rotary evaporators. Because the V-10 could evaporate directly from a scintillation vial without being monitored for “bumping,” it quickly became the method of choice for isolating both purified and crude products. This capability enables most experiments to go through reaction and liquid/liquid extraction in a single vial such that traditional reaction flasks are only used for scale up work.

Paul explains, “Using the V-10 in combination with the Biotage® Initiator+ microwave synthesizer and an Isolera™ flash chromatography system really facilitates the whole process. I can iterate faster and have the ability to use higher temperatures, pressures and higher boiling solvents, to drive difficult reactions more successfully.”

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Faster Workflow with Biotage® V-10 Evaporator

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