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Forensic Method for Drug Extraction using ISOLUTE® SLE+

23 May 2016

A forensic study from the Laboratory Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Virginia, presents a method using ISOLUTE® SLE+ 2 mL columns to simultaneously screen for benzodiazepines, opiates, cocaine, and three “Z-drug” hypnotic sedatives in both blood and urine specimens.


The primary goal of the presented method was a rapid screening procedure with high degree of specificity, eliminating cross-reactivity issues, and screening for a wider range of compounds than ELISA. Achieving the goal was particularly challenging because it involved rapid extraction, separation, and detection of multiple classes of compounds.

"As a result, several extraction procedures were evaluated (Liquid-Liquid Extraction, Solid Phase Extraction, Micro- Extraction in Packed Syringes, and SLE+). All of these extraction procedures are viable choices, but the choice of SLE+ was based on reaching the above goals with the best fit into the workflow of the laboratory."

"The simplicity of the three step process (load the sample, wait for 5 minutes, elute) is what makes this procedure very appealing."

"The combination of low sample volume with fast processing and analysis makes this method a suitable replacement for immunoassay screening of the targeted drug classes, while providing far superior specificity and better limits of detection than can routinely be obtained by immunoassay."

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Eshwar Jagerdeo, Jason E.Schaff, Rapid screening for drugs of abuse in biological fluids by ultra high performance liquid chromatography/Orbitrap mass spectrometry, Journal of Chromatography B

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