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From Animal Testing to Instrumental Analysis with EVOLUTE® ABN

06 October 2016

The Japan Frozen Foods Inspection Corporation (JFFIC) made the transition from traditional mouse testing of shellfish toxins, to instrumental analysis by developing original methods. In the sample preparation procedure, JFFIC uses EVOLUTE® ABN hydrophilic/hydrophobic SPE columns from Biotage.


In an interview with personnell from the Yokohama Testing Centre, Deputy Director Mr. Tadashi Kitta explains: “In a notice issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare last March, they suggested using an ODS column for sample preparation in an example analysis method. But in our method, we decided to replace the ODS column with the EVOLUTE ABN solid extraction column from Biotage. The EVOLUTE polymer based extraction column has a larger capacity compared to ODS, so we could reduce the amount of sorbent. When we compared the results, the ODS column required 200 mg, while EVOLUTE ABN required 25 mg of sorbent. Seeing this result and considering the balance of price and performance, we decided to go with Biotage.”

“When we use a column, we can see immediately that it performs a clean extraction without blocking (...) With EVOLUTE ABN, there is no need for vacuum manifolds and everything flows naturally”, says Takashi Hanada, chemist at the Yokohama Testing Centre. 

Supervising Director Mr. Hirokatsu Sasaki fills in: "I’ve never run into trouble when using it. When I weigh out the shells and extract in methanol, the sample is dark brown, but what comes out of the column is always clean and useful.”

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