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High Throughput Peptide Synthesis for Constructing Novel Peptide Microarrays

19 December 2014

More than 1700 glycopeptides and peptides were successfully prepared on a Syro II parallel peptide synthesizer in a high throughput manner. 


The research groups of Prof. Blixt and Prof. Jensen at the University of Copenhagen have described a high-throughput O-glycopeptide discovery platform for seromic profiling, using the Syro II parallel peptide synthesizer for high-throughput glycopeptide synthesis where over 1700 O-glycopeptides were synthesized for the construction of novel peptide microarrays.This approach provided multiwell low scale synthesis of peptides and GalNAc-glycopeptides combined with direct printing without prior purification for a facile and economical approach to display hundreds of glycopeptides. Biomarker microarrays are becoming valuable tools for serological screening of disease-associated autoantibodies.

The research for this application note was carried out in the groups of Prof. Ola Blixt and Prof. Knud J. Jensen at the University of Copenhagen.

Example of 20-mer O-glycopeptide Tn-Muc1a

Example of 20-mer O-glycopeptide Tn-Muc1a.