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How Much Can I Load on my Flash Cartridge?

07 November 2016

Senior Technical Specialist Bob Bickler digs into the limiting factors for sample load in flash chromatography on the Flash Purification Blog


"A question I hear a lot from chemists is “how much can I load”. The answer is always “it depends on your separation quality”. At that point I begin asking about the TLC data and purification goals. Purification goal setting should be your first step and the question to answer is – what do I need this purification to achieve? Is the goal high purity, high yield, or some combination. Remember, you will typically sacrifice purity for high yield and yield for high purity so optimization is an important consideration.

In this post I will discuss the results of a study I conducted where I continually increased the crude sample load until my target compound purity fell below specific targeted levels to understand the real loading limitation."

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