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ISOLUTE® SLE+ Choice for Leading Clinical Lab

13 January 2015

Thousands of hormone samples are processed every year at South Manchester Hospital. The lab prefers ISOLUTE® SLE+ 400 μl plates from Biotage for their unchallenged reliability.


- Biotage have a reputable brand with good R&D support and consistent quality of SPE products, says Brian Keevil, Professor of Clinical Biochemistry at South Manchester Hospital in Wythenshawe, UK. He specializes in LCMS applications and has been doing method development and revalidation of methods for clinical applications over the past 15 years, with a track record of more than 130 publications in journals.

Brian Keevil's laboratory does thousands of oestradiol and aldosterone tests every year. Detecting low levels by LCMS analysis requires good sample clean-up, which is why they use ISOLUTE SLE+ to remove the background interference and suppression to get a good signal for quantitation.

They have compared other similar products and found they were not consistent and reproducible in their clean up performance, which resulted in repeated analysis which is costly on time and consumables.

- The ease of use, speed of sample preparation and consistent reproducibility of the results means that the ISOLUTE SLE+ 400 μl plates have proven consistent cleanup of plasma and urine samples over the past two years, says Professor Keevil.

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