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Make Target Molecules Five Times Faster

25 October 2017

Models have shown that the time taken to produce a target molecule can be reduced by up to eighty percent. Today, chemists multitask to be more efficient, but this does not reduce the actual time taken to move from molecule concept to a purified target molecule. The Biotage automated workflow addresses this directly with methodologies expressly designed to cut time in drug development.


The cost of launching a drug on to the market has recently been estimated at $2.6 billion. On average it is estimated that between 5,000 and 10,000 potential drug molecules are investigated to produce one approved therapy. The huge cost of drug discovery has forced new paths for R&D, with CROs and outsourcing becoming increasingly competitive alternative models to traditional pharmaceutical R&D. The potential profitability of drugs is also influenced by their development time, as it takes on average 10 years to move a molecule from the discovery stage to an approved drug on the shelves, and the twenty year patent exclusivity period begins when human trials are underway.

Fortunately, development bottlenecks can be opened up through the adoption of automated workflow solutions into your laboratory. Utilizing a range of interconnected automated platforms, the workflow can be designed to significantly cut the time taken to produce a target molecule of sufficient purity. The Biotage automated workflow solution is based around three technologies that interconnect to reduce the overall time to target molecule:

  1. Synthesis using microwaves to drastically reduce overall reaction time.
  2. Purification of reaction mixtures using an automated flash system with high-capacity columns and reduced runtime methodologies.
  3. Evaporation of solvents from fractions using a rapid, automated evaporation system.

In combination, these technologies vastly speed the time taken to go from the concept of a target molecule to the final product.

The Biotage automated workflow solution delivers target molecules in on average a fifth of the time of traditional chemistry. The Biotage automated workflow is also built around greener chemistry, significantly reducing the consumption of chemicals. As a result, adoption of the workflow produces a laboratory with a significantly improved environmental profile in terms of carbon footprint, with accompanying reduction in purchasing, storage and disposal costs. A single automated workflow with one provider means that downtime is reduced, as service and preventative maintenance can be scheduled across the entire workflow. Utilizing the Biotage automated workflow allows the laboratory to become more flexible to incoming projects and changes in demands on resource. This ensures that the laboratory remains competitive with other recipients of R&D funding.

Download the White Paper PPS466 below and learn how to cut develoment time in your laboratory.

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