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New Evaporator for use in Oil & Grease (hexane-extractable) Analysis

03 March 2014

Horizon Technology, Inc. Announces the Speed-Vap® IV Evaporation System

Horizon Technology is pleased to announce the introduction of the Speed-Vap IV, an improved evaporator for use in oil and grease sample preparation for gravimetric measurement. The new evaporator includes a timer and chime to make it easier to know when the evaporating sample must be observed and when the operator can be involved in other tasks. Best of all, the 220v version will be CE marked for use in Europe. The Horizon Technology oil and grease extraction (SPE-DEX 1000/3000 and SPE-DEX 4790) and evaporator systems are fully compliant with standardized methods such as US EPA Method 1664B, ISO 11349 and Standard Methods 5520B.  "We continue to provide our customers with new products that provide additional features, yet are simple to operate" said Bob Johnson, founder and chief technology officer.

The Speed-Vap IV can also be used to evaporate other hexane extracts, suh as food fats.