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New Ultra Convenient Solid Phase Extraction Disks from Biotage

09 May 2019

Uppsala, Sweden, 9th May 2019 – Biotage (STO: BIOT), a leading global supplier of solutions and technology for analytical, medicinal and peptide chemistry, is pleased to announce the launch of the Atlantic® ReadyDisk product family - solid phase extraction (SPE) disks, pre-assembled into single-use holders, for extracting semi-volatile organic compounds from aqueous samples.


Single-use disk holders have become more popular for high throughput laboratories as they eliminate the time required to clean disk holders between extractions. Atlantic® ReadyDisks consist of SPE disks, which are pre-assembled into disposable polypropylene holders and hence “Ready” to use straight out of the box. They are compatible with both automatic and manual extraction systems, including those produced by Biotage.


The new Atlantic® ReadyDisk format enables relatively high flow rates without solution breakthrough or disk clogging. They are designed to maximize surface area interaction with the analytes in the solution, while providing suitable filtration capability. Atlantic® ReadyDisks are intended for use in processing drinking water and groundwater samples, which have relatively low particulate levels, in a wide range of volumes - including large, liter-sized samples.

The disks will be available with three media options:  Atlantic® C18 (both standard and high capacity) and Atlantic® DVB. The wide range of available media accommodates the extraction of a variety of analytes including pesticides, herbicides, carbonyls, and dioxins in compliance with 500 Series, 600 Series and 8000 Series EPA Methods. Atlantic® ReadyDisk products are available in packs of twenty-four and a handy three disk sample pack.

“Atlantic® ReadyDisks deliver ultimate speed and convenience without sacrificing product quality or data performance,” says Dr. Claire Desbrow, Global Product Manager, Analytical Applications & Consumables, Biotage.

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