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Novel Extraction Protocol for Vitamin D

15 June 2015

A poster from Biotage labs presented at ASMS 2015 demonstrates the applicability of ISOLUTE® PLD+ for the extraction of 25-hydroxy vitamin D from 100 or 150 μL of serum.


This poster demonstrates the use of a novel protein and phospholipid depletion plate, ISOLUTE® PLD+, for the extraction of 25-hydroxy vitamin D. The extraction protocol was ultimately transferred to Extrahera™ SPE automation platform, and method performance versus manual processing was compared. The method development involved optimization of organic solvent composition and crash ratio for efficient precipitation of proteins, phospholipid removal and maximum analyte recovery.

Vitamin D deficiency can result in various health issues such as osteoporosis, liver and kidney problems and is associated with increased risk of cancers and multiple sclerosis. From this standpoint vitamin D analysis has extremely important clinical relevance.