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Purification of UV-transparent Carbohydrate Derivatives

04 February 2016

This application note demonstrates how to successfully purify a low UV-absorbing carbohydrate derivative using the mass-directed flash chromatography system Isolera™ Dalton from Biotage. 


Fully acetylated monosaccharides are widely used as starting materials to synthesize oligosaccharides and glyco-conjugates. However, purification of carbohydrate derivatives can be challenging due to their lack of UV absorbance.

Here we show how flash chromatography with mass directed fractionation can be used for purifying carbohydrate derivatives such as β-D-glucosamine pentaacetate as a model compound, and other UV transparent or poorly UV absorbing compounds using either normal or reversed-phase chromatography. Compound identification by mass during purification and by direct injection works with both normal phase and reversed phase solvents.

β-D-glucosamine pentaacetate

Carbohydrate derivative β-D-glucosamine pentaacetate.

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