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ISOLUTE® SLE+ plate held

Rapid Hormone Assay Utilizes ISOLUTE® SLE+

28 April 2015

ISOLUTE® SLE+ supported liquid extraction plates were used in a newly developed LC-MS/MS assay for measurement of oestradiol and oestrone. The new method rivals the current gold standard. 


British researchers have developed a rapid LC-MS/MS assay for the routine analysis of serum oestradiol and oestrone, which uses a small sample volume and has a rapid run time, and does not require derivatization in the sample preparation.

"The assay is suitable for routine clinical use or for clinical trials. The assay demonstrated superior performance compared to immunoassays at lower concentrations making it more suitable for use in males and patients on aromatase inhibitors," state the authors. 

GC-MS is considered the gold standard for oestradiol measurement. The new assay was compared against an established GC-MS assay for low concentrations expected in males. An excellent agreement was observed, suggesting the suitability of this assay at these lower concentration ranges.

"This approach, coupled with the short chromatography column allows for rapid sample preparation and analysis; it takes approximately 90 minutes to prepare 96 samples and is hence a high-throughput assay. The lack of ion suppression, good alignment of reference materials and the use of the method of standard additions support the use of PBS-based calibration material. The assay also demonstrates excellent recovery, precision and linearity. 

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Laura J Owen, Frederick C Wu, Brian G Keevil, 2014. A rapid direct assay for the routine measurement of oestradiol and oestrone by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. Ann Clin Biochem May 2014 vol. 51 no. 3 360-367.

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