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SLE Method Combats Race Horse Doping

18 May 2015

A new application note from Biotage Labs describes a method for extracting anabolic steroids from horse urine using ISOLUTE® SLE+.


Horse urine can be notoriously viscous and challenging to work with in sample preparation. A newly developed method from Biotage demonstrates that ISOLUTE® SLE+ products handle this matrix very well, adding a new tool to combat doping in race horses. 

Ethylestrenol and stanozolol are anabolic steroids which can be used to increase muscle mass and enhance performance. These drugs have been linked to instances of doping in race horses. This application note describes a Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE) protocol for the extraction of ethylestrenol and stanozolol from horse urine prior to LC-MS/MS analysis. The application highlights the use of ISOLUTE® SLE+ 48-well plate, as well as protocols for alternative plate and column based formats.

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