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Alstra in motion

Smarter Microwave Peptide Synthesis in Motion

02 July 2014

A short video demonstrating the capabilities of Biotage® Initiator+ Alstra™, a fully automated microwave peptide synthesizer, is released today on the website. The video gives an impression of the system's robotic precision as well as an overview of key functions, including:

  • Touch screen operation
  • Software overview
  • Amino acid racks, bottles and accessories
  • Reagent setup
  • Liquid handling and digital syringe pumps
  • Microwave cavity
  • Pre-installed methods
  • Branched peptides
  • Edit-on-the-fly
  • Preactivation of amino acids
  • UV monitoring option
  • Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis (MAOS) mode
  • Step-by-step wizard
  • Importing sequences

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