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SPE Protocol for Extraction of Urinary Catecholamines and Metanephrines

17 February 2017

This application note describes a mixed-mode weak cation exchange SPE protocol for the extraction of catecholamines and metanephrine metabolites from urine prior to LC-MS/MS detection.


The described method allows simultaneous extraction of six metabolites, using a high throughput load-wash-elute/no blow down EVOLUTE® EXPRESS method. The method is automated using Biotage® Extrahera™ sample processor (see full details in the application note). High reproducible recoveries were achieved for all analytes.

EVOLUTE® EXPRESS SPE products dramatically improve flow characteristics, and enhance sample preparation productivity. By truly eliminating the need for column conditioning and equilibration, samples can be prepared using a simple, fast load-wash-elute procedure.


  • Epinephrine
  • Norepinephrine
  • Dopamine
  • Metanephrine
  • Normetanephrine
  • 3-Methoxytyramine

See also poster P155, presented at the MSACL meeting in January 2017.

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