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The State of Organic Microwave Synthesis

17 July 2015

Biotage® Initiator+ is top contender in a review paper on the current market offerings in microwave assisted organic synthesis (MAOS) and its applications.


The huge number of microwave applications in organic chemistry has spawned the development of a diverse range of equipment in the past decade, with Biotage as one of the pioneers. A recent review in Journal of Chemistry comments on the influence of MAOS in application development for C–C cross-coupling reaction, biodiesel production and biomass conversion, and the functionalization of nanomaterials. The paper also highlights Biotage systems as prominent tools for MAOS, including Biotage® Initiator+ and the discontinued Biotage® Advancer. 

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Laura Rinaldi, Diego Carnaroglio, Laura Rotolo, and Giancarlo Cravotto, “A Microwave-Based Chemical Factory in the Lab: From Milligram to Multigram Preparations,” Journal of Chemistry, vol. 2015, Article ID 879531, 8 pages, 2015. doi:10.1155/2015/879531

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