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Using ISOLUTE® ENV+ in 3D Cell Culture Phamacodynamic Studies

24 October 2016

Dr. Ryosuke Takahashi at Hitachi's Department of Biosystems Research leads an ambitious project to help scientists develop effective drugs faster. The aim of his research is to increase the pass rate in clinical trials.


– One of the biggest issues for pharmaceutical companies is the tremendous cost for clinical trials on humans. For every ten potential candidates for clinical studies, only one becomes an actual product. As a result, 90% of the cost put into clinical trials on humans is wasted resource. So to increase the pass rate of clinical trials, it is important to handpick potential substances with high accuracy at the early stages of developing a new drug, says Dr. Takahashi. 

Mr. Ryosuke TakahashiHis team has developed a cell culture plate where cells can be grown to form controlled speres. This three dimensinal aggregate simulates the conditions in living tissue much better than conventional flat cell cultures. 

– With this 3D culture technology, we can conduct assays in conditions that are similar to a living body. We are expecting to develop a highly accurate in-vitro evaluation method in the future. Pharmaceutical companies tell us they find this very interesting.

ISOLUTE® ENV+ is used in their sample preparatin process to remove salt from blood and liver bile samples. 

– We needed something with a desalinization function and were introduced to ISOLUTE ENV+. Considering the drug sensitivity in the LC/MS process, I think it has a very high extraction efficiency. It helps me gather measurable samples through LC/MS so I am very satisfied. The Biotage staff taught us how to use it, their support helps us when we get stuck with something.

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Using ISOLUTE® ENV+ in 3D Cell Culture Studies

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