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Validated Method Transferred to Supported Liquid Extraction

22 December 2014

A validated liquid-liquid extraction method for extraction of vitamin D metabolites from plasma or serum was transferred to ISOLUTE® SLE+ 96-well plate. The time taken to extract patient samples was halved using the supported liquid extraction approach.


The objective of this study was to determine feasibility of transferring a validated liquid-liquid extraction method to a supported liquid extraction method using Biotage ISOLUTE® SLE+ 96-well plates (400μL sample capacity). The laboratory supporting this study processes ~550 samples per month supporting vitamin D analysis in plasma and serum (mixed samples/not separated). During this evaluation, it was determined that sample processing time was reduced by ~50% for a de-identified patient set (n=30, split and processed by both methods). Towards high throughput analysis platforms, ISOLUTE SLE+ was demonstrated as a viable solution in the sample preparation workflow for vitamin D applications.

This study was performed In conjunction with collaborators at the Seattle Children’s Hospital.