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Webinar: Isolera™ Dalton

17 July 2013

Isolera™ Dalton, the world’s first truly integrated Mass Directed automated Flash Purification System

Wednesday 17th July 2013 11:00am (CET) / 10:00am (BST)

Presented by: Sunil Rana, Global Product Manager, Biotage AB, Sweden

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On 29th May 2013, Dr Sunil Rana, Biotage announced “some technologies are so revolutionary, there is nothing… that can compare or even come close”, and he was referring to the Isolera Dalton system. “This system will change the way we do and think about flash purification forever, as revolutionary as the introduction of UV to automated flash, these types of breakthroughs just don’t occur every day.” Join Sunil and colleagues for a unique insight and discussion of this latest technology and see for yourself why Isolera Dalton is taking the flash purification world by storm.

Why Attend This Webinar? Do you use offline mass spectrometry analysis? Do you think that mass spectrometry is an expensive tool for a select few or justifiable only by open access systems? Is it possible to separate compounds when your UV detector is overloaded and saturated? Do you think that chemists should have the power of mass directed flash to speed up work flow and bring down the cost of research? If you answered yes to any of these, this is a key and must have webinar for 2013. 

Who Should Attend? The issues presented in this webinar have the potential to affect the whole industry.  This webinar will present the facts in an enjoyable and palatable way; and is designed to appeal to a variety of different groups regardless of technical exposure or biases, from chemist to purchasing groups and all management interested in improving workflow, achieving a greater level of efficiency and purification control in modern-day laboratories.

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