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04 October 2016

Professor Masaru Terada, Head of the Forensic Medicine Lab at Toho University in Japan, has more than 40 years of experience in forensic medicine. When he introduced ISOLUTE® SLE+ in his lab, he was impressed with its reproducibility and ability to handle samples which emulsify with conventional sample preparation techniques.


"There are many publications and dissertations available when it comes to liquid-liquid extraction, so it is easy to draw on the accumulated knowledge." says Professor Terada. "Another merit is it allows me to process samples like urine, which easily emulsifies with the regular liquid-liquid extraction method, very quickly. ISOLUTE SLE+ prevents emulsions, so I don’t need to worry about this. This is a huge advantage. It is very convenient being able to complete the extraction in one shot."

"Also, working in forensic medicine means there are lots of dirty samples. Sometimes inserting such samples into the test tubes lead to problems like contamination of the test tubes. ISOLUTE SLE+ is disposable, so we can always perform clean extractions. This is very helpful for us."

"But the biggest reason why I chose ISOLUTE SLE+ was its high reproducibility. Reproducibility is critical when it comes to extraction."

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