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Double Column Size

Will More Cartridges Improve My Flash Purification?

30 October 2017

Peptide purity is the holy grail for synthetic chemists, and reversed flash chromatography is a quick and effective technique. Our peptide specialist Dr. Elizabeth Denton asked herself whether she could improve the peak separation even more by plugging an extra cartridge to the flash system. 


"I synthesized some 18A, an 18-amino acid amphipathic peptide ... The HPLC purity analysis indicates that the peptide is now >95% pure. Pretty good if you ask me! ... I then connected two identical cartridges inline through the luer fittings. I used the exact same gradient, as measured in column volumes, the same flow rate (no change in linear velocity), and injected the same crude peptide volume for the new “double” cartridge purification and selected run."

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