Automation for SPE Disks

    Automation solutions for processing SPE disks whether you are analysing for semi-volatiles or performing Oil & Grease analysis.


    Biotage® Horizon 5000

    The Biotage® Horizon 5000 is a three-position automated disk extraction system that conditions the disk, loads the sample (20 mL to 2 L) and elutes the analytes all without user intervention. This system automates many of the most common environmental extraction protocols used for wastewater and groundwater testing.

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    Biotage® Horizon 3100 Oil & Grease Extractor

    The Biotage® Horizon 3100 Oil & Grease Extractor automates the entire extraction process and is fully compliant with US EPA Method 1664A/B and Standard Methods 5520G.
    Combine the Biotage® Horizon 3100 with the SpeedVap® IV Solvent Evaporation System, Solvent Recovery OG and Pacific® Premium Disks and Pre-Filters for a complete workflow solution.

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