Evaporation of Peptides

    Evaporation of Peptides

    Evaporation of cleavage cocktails and preparative HPLC fractions are peptide synthesis process steps that can take hours or days and, particularly for larger HPLC fractions, can require constant attention to avoid bumping in traditional evaporators. Biotage has evaporation solutions that reduce the time to less than 15 minutes and eliminate bumping with our fully automated and walk-away reliable V-10 Touch Evaporator.


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    Evaporation of Peptides

    Evaporation is an important step in the peptide workflow. Now many of the challenges of dealing with insoluble peptides are a thing of the past - the V-10 Touch is so capable that even difficult to remove solvents like DMSO can be evaporated at the rate of 0.5 mL per minute or more. 

    Where can V-10 Touch help peptide chemists?

    • Removal of cleavage cocktails, either completely or reducing the volume before ether precipitation.
    • Concentration and pooling of flash or HPLC fractions prior to freeze drying.
    • Removal of high boiling solvents such as DMF, DMSO that are used in synthesis reactions or as storage solvents.
    • Can be used post synthesis or post purification.
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    Product groups

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    Biotage® V-10 Touch

    Biotage® V-10 Touch rapidly dries samples dissolved in both aqueous and organic solvents. It easily evaporates HPLC fractions from purification, high boiling point solvents from synthesis and features a dry-down onto silica technique for easier dry load capabilities prior to purification.

    Biotage® Selekt

    A two column channel system with a colorful and intuitive user interface on a large touchscreen enables even the most complex tasks to become simplicity itself. High flowrate and pressure make separation faster and greener due to less solvent consumption.

    Biotage® Sfär Bio C18 D

    High performance flash chromatography is a very efficient technique to clean-up synthetic peptides. Biotage® Sfär Bio flash columns, with a small particle size (20 μm) and large pore size (300 Å), provide increased resolution and effective separation of complex peptide mixtures.

    Peptides containing cysteine: the role of scavengers in cleavage cocktail

    Since the development of Fmoc-based solid phase peptide synthesis, a wide variety of cleavage cocktails have emerged. Each cleavage cocktail contains a unique combination of scavengers designed to prevent either side reactions mediated by the ...
    Peptides containing cysteine: the role of scavengers in cleavage cocktail
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    Peptide Synthesis Workflow - Synthesis, Purification, and Evaporation Solutions

    The typical peptide synthesis workflow broadly involves synthesis, purification and evaporation steps to give the final pure peptide. Although the synthesis step is the most important part of the workflow, purification and evaporation issues can impact dramatically on the efficiency of your workflow and are the cause of many bottlenecks. Biotage has developed a range of tools to improve the peptide synthesis workflow, from synthesis of crude peptides through to the final purified product. Our workflow solutions are used in pharma, biotech, CRO and academic laboratories throughout the world.

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    Other steps in the workflow

    High Performance Flash Chromatography (HPFC) is a very efficient technique to dramatically clean-up synthetic peptides and process larger quantities of crude material rapidly. Biotage offer close to prep-HPLC performance in a flash format and enable more peptide to be processed in a single injection and faster with Flash Purification. 

    Biotage offer a range of manual, semi-automated and fully automated systems depending on your peptide synthesis needs. Whether you require a system that makes a single peptide or multiple peptides in parallel, we have an instrument to suit your requirements.