Selekt family
    Selekt family

    Biotage® Selekt Family

    Automated Flash Purification Systems

    Purification is a fundamental step in drug discovery and, as pioneers of automated flash purification, Biotage is your ideal partner. Our core philosophies of Quality, Reliability and Environmentalism underpin our automated flash purification systems, the Selekt family. Both also feature remote access and advanced network features for adaptability to any laboratory environment.

    The Selekt family has two members:

    Biotage Selekt, a fully-featured versatile two-column channel flash system for all applications using columns from 5 g to 1.5 Kg

    Biotage Selekt Enkel, a dedicated workhorse single-column channel flash system for single-phase applications using columns from 5g to 100 g.



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    SEL-2EV - Two Channel, Extended Collection Bed, UV Detector