Custom Packing Service

    Custom Packing of the Resin of Your Choice in a PhyTip® Column Format

    Biotage offers PhyTip® columns packed with a wide range of resins for purification of different protein types. However, if you do not find what you are looking for among our standard products we also offer a custom packing service. Due to our vast experience of packing PhyTip columns, we are able to pack virtually any affinity media, silica or resin ≥40 µm in particle size in our PhyTip column format. The columns can be produced to be compatible with all major automation systems. The resin can either be shipped directly from the supplier of the resin, or from the customer, and excess resin after customer packing is either returned to the user or stored for up to 6 months for future orders.

    Fill out and submit our custom packing form or contact us to receive an offer.

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