Biotage® Sfär

    Sfär for Spherical, Biotage for Quality

    Sfär is the Swedish word for ”sphere”, and the name of our columns reflects the fact that we have made spherical silica a standard due to its higher surface area and higher loading capacity. Reliable and flexible, Biotage® Sfär columns deliver larger loading capacities, tighter elution bands and purer fractions than traditional flash columns.

    Sfär columns are available in different sizes and media and with specific characteristics.

    The HC in the name stands for High Capacity and it refers both to loading capacity and performance - this derives not only from spherical silica, but also from smaller particles size (20 µ). Combined, this high surface, small particle silica improves purification performance while reducing the amount of silica and solvent required for purification. This means you can choose between running your separation with a smaller column, using less silica and less solvent, or you can increase your loading capacity and obtain a higher amount of your compound at the end.

    The D stands for Duo (i.e. Two), as Biotage Sfär gives you the possibility of external and internal liquid and dry loading, you can choose among six different ways to load your sample on the columns based on the sample characteristics.

    Sfär columns

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