Food & Agriculture Sample Preparation

    Sample preparation in food and agriculture applications is often complicated by the nature of the sample matrix. Solid or semi-solid samples such as fruit, vegetables, tissue or soil need specialized sample pre-treatment for efficient extraction of the analytes.  And the complexity of sample matrices requires robust and reliable clean-up methodology.

    Learn more about our smart sample preparation solutions for simplifying sample handling and clean-up of these difficult samples in the sections below.

    Food scientist looking at corn cob at the university
    Highlighted Application Areas

    Diverse structures in multiple matrices - discover our smart sample prep solutions for Mycotoxins

    Reliable, easily automated methods that deliver clean extracts for accurate acrylamide analysis. 

    Optimized methods and tools to simplify sample preparation for common food contaminants.

    Simple, robust methods delivering clean extracts for reliable veterinary drug analysis.

    Tools for efficient clean-up of complex samples for pesticide analysis.


    The versatility of SPE allows it to be used for a variety of purposes.

    Faster turnaround times and the need to reduce costs, and suddenly sample preparation isn’t quite so straightforward.