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    Biotage® Carbon Cartridges

    Decolourization and removal of impurities via adsorptive methods. (Also previously known as Flash-AC / WAC)

    Traditionally decolorization was achieved by adding activated carbon powder to a solution and refluxing for several hours or even over several days.  After refluxing, the hot solution is passed through a celite filter to remove the activated carbon powder from the product.
    An obvious drawback to this traditional decolorizing approach is the inefficiency of the batch process.  Contact efficiency between the colored impurities and the activated carbon particles can be thermodynamically low.  Biotage prepacked carbon cartridges offer numerous advantages and benefits.

    Use the cartridge selector below to quickly identify compatible cartridges for your purification platform and / or view available cartridges by size.  (Carbon is approximately 60% of the density of silica, so will weigh a little less in a similar sized cartridge).  Development and process development scale cartridges intended for use on Biotage® Selekt or our larger scale development platform Biotage® Isolera LS connect to the system via universal Luer-lock style connectors.  Cartridges for our larger process development and scale up systems Biotage® Flash 75 / Flash 150 or Flash 400 systems require a compression module which is provided with the system, or available as a spare part (links open in a new window).

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