Plasmid Purification

    Automated Purification of Transfection-grade Plasmid DNA

    Automated solutions for efficient and consistent plasmid purification from Minipreparation up to Maxi, Mega and Giga scale, using our patented dual flow chromatography technique.

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    Plasmid Purification by Dual Flow Chromatography

    Biotage offers innovative solutions for automated purification of plasmid DNA from cell pellets, for scientists working in the biopharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. We have used our patented dual flow chromatography technique for protein purification applications since 2004, but this gentle and efficient purification process works perfectly to automate plasmid purification too! The result is highly pure, supercoiled plasmid DNA that is optimal for downstream assays. 


    Automated Plasmid Purification

    PhyPrep is the first automated solution for Maxi, Mega and Giga scale plasmid purification. Designed to deliver high quality, endotoxin free hypercoiled DNA ready for immediate transfection. Read more about the system here.


    Proven Technology

    A PhyTip column is a separation column packed in a pipette tip, that processes the sample by a technique called dual flow chromatography. This technology enable automation of purification protocols and also comes with some unique advantages such as high reproducibility and high purity of samples. 

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    Miniprep Scale Plasmid Purification

    Automated plasmid purification in miniprep scale offers consistent yields of up to 15 μg plasmid DNA per sample, from a 1 mL culture pellet. The highly pure plasmid DNA is suitable for transfection, transformation, sequencing, PCR and cloning. Our MiniPrep PhyTip columns are available for Beckman, Tecan, Hamilton and MEA 2 systems. Read more about this technology in our white papers.

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    LysaDirect tips on 96 head
    MiniPrep PhyTip® Columns

    Purification of 15 μg plasmid DNA from 1 mL cell cultures.

    Biotage® PhyPrep Maxi Mega Giga

    Automated endotoxin-free plasmid purification.

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    Plasmid Blogs and Applications

    Keep up to date with all the latest developments, applications and case studies in plasmid purification at our plasmid purification blog.

    Other Blocks in the Workflow

    Our PhyTip columns are available with a range of different affinity resins to accommodate most protein purification application.