Peptide Synthesis

    The First Step of the Peptide Workflow

    Biotage manufactures single and multi-channel peptide synthesizers that offer both intuitive systems that cater to those first entering the world of automated Fmoc solid phase peptide synthesis, as well as high speed parallel processing systems for the high throughput production of hundreds of peptides every week.



    Biotage Peptide Synthesizers Overview
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    Peptide Synthesis the Biotage way

    Automated synthesizers are just part of the story. Purifying peptides as well as removing cleavage cocktails and isolating peptides from chromatographic fractions are daily activities in any peptide synthesis laboratory. Our experts can help you to choose the configuration for all steps of synthesis including purification and evaporation to best fit your demands and budget. Simply put, delivery of the final, purified peptide product can be simpler, faster, and greener with the Biotage approach to peptide synthesis.

    Single Channel Peptide Synthesis

    Automated Microwave Peptide Synthesizer

    Single channel peptide synthesizers allow single peptides to be made sequentially. Such systems employ state of the art software and hardware to ensure intuitive operation and the highest quality results. Automation removes the possibility of human error, and microwave heating ensures high coupling efficiencies and rapid reactions.

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    Multi-channel Peptide Synthesis

    Fully Automated Parallel Peptide Synthesizer

    Multi-channel peptide synthesizers are the systems of choice for those looking to make large numbers of peptides in parallel. Offering powerful automation features and software to facilitate the synthesis of many peptides simultaneously, multi-channel peptide synthesizers are used for library synthesis and screening applications that require high throughput and productivity.

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    Product groups

    Biotage® Initiator+ Alstra™

    Biotage® Initiator+ Alstra™ is a fully automated single channel microwave peptide synthesizer with an intuitive user interface on a large touchscreen and built in flexibility for both small and large scale synthesis of peptides, peptoids, PNA and peptidomimetics.


    Syro I

    Syro I is a fully automated multi-channel peptide synthesizer equipped with a one arm pipetting robot. The standard system is configured with one reactor block (24 or 48 position) for use with 2, 5 and 10 ml reactor vials. Other reactor block options are available including heating block kits and Tip reactor blocks.

    Syro II

    Syro II is a fully automated multi-channel peptide synthesizer equipped with a two arm pipetting robot for faster washing and dispensing of reagents. The standard system is configured with two reactor blocks with other reactor block options available including heating block kits and Tip reactor blocks. This is the system of choice for those requiring the highest peptide synthesis throughput.

    What is solid phase peptide synthesis?

    More and more groups are exploring the utility of peptides with an ever widening variety of applications. And although peptides are getting cheaper to purchase outright, many groups are continuing to bring peptide synthesis in house. As more groups ...
    What is solid phase peptide synthesis?

    Green solvents for solid phase peptide synthesis

    As peptide therapeutics continue to gain interest from the medical community and pharmaceutical companies, concerns regarding the cost of manufacturing also grow. Cost includes the expense of reagents and solvents, including DMF and NMP, used in the ...
    Green solvents for solid phase peptide synthesis
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    Peptide Synthesis Workflow - Synthesis, Purification, and Evaporation Solutions

    The typical peptide synthesis workflow broadly involves synthesis, purification and evaporation steps to give the final pure peptide. Although the synthesis step is the most important part of the workflow, purification and evaporation issues can impact dramatically on the efficiency of your workflow and are the cause of many bottlenecks. Biotage has developed a range of tools to improve the peptide synthesis workflow, from synthesis of crude peptides through to the final purified product. Our workflow solutions are used in pharma, biotech, CRO and academic laboratories throughout the world.

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    Other Steps in the Workflow

    Biotage offer close to preparative HPLC performance in a flash format that enables more peptide to be processed in a single injection and faster with High Performance Flash Chromatography. 

    Removing Peptide Cleavage Cocktails and evaporating synthesis solvents like DMSO is no longer a problem with Biotage® V-10 Touch.