Organic Workflow

    Systems, Consumables and Accessories

    Organic chemists synthesizing new molecules follow a general workflow with Synthesis, Purification, Work-Up, and Evaporation steps. Biotage has developed tools for every step of the process to expand the range of options and in order to truly make it faster, simpler and greener.

    biomark002.344 - Peptide Workflow

    Microwave heating is by far the superior choice for synthesizing novel compounds and can offer advantages other than just speed. Working at temperatures and pressures not attainable through traditional heating, it allows chemists to perform reactions previously not possible.

    A complete set of tools to speed up traditional work flow processes and also enhance productivity and flexibility in the laboratory.  

    Biotage, pioneers of flash chromatography, have a proven record of innovation that began twenty years ago and continues today with the extensive range of instrumentation and  flash consumables, making Biotage the partner of choice for your flash purification needs.

    Biotage offers the largest range of solvent evaporation and concentration systems designed for faster evaporation of volatile and high-boiling solvents and sample transfer minimization. Utilizing rotation and vacuum technology, Biotage will automate your evaporation.