Let’s streamline your peptide synthesis workflow

    Introducing smart solutions for improved efficiency

    Peptides are versatile molecules with diverse applications across different fields, including therapeutics, where they are recognized for their precise targeting and efficacy.

    Explore how our workflow solutions and technical expertise can enhance efficiency in your laboratory while delivering high-quality peptides.


    Single-Channel Synthesis

    In some applications, only a small number of peptides are needed to push the project forward. Automation mitigates the risk of human errors, while microwave heating improves synthesis quality and speeds up the process, improving the overall synthesis productivity.  

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    Parallel Synthesis

    Some projects require large quantities of peptides to advance to the next stage. High-throughput automation platforms with flexible configurations and heating options decrease synthesis time and improve synthesis quality, driving significant productivity gains.

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    Flash Purification

    Purification is often the main bottleneck in the peptide workflow. High-performance flash chromatography (HPFC) coupled with C18 media is optimized for peptide purification, enhancing peptide workflow efficiency further.

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    Parallel Purification

    Projects requiring high-throughput synthesis often encounter significant purification bottlenecks. Automated parallel purification addresses this issue by streamlining the process, effectively bridging the efficiency gap between peptide library synthesis and purification. This allows for the use of pure peptides, thereby enhancing the reliability of screening and drug discovery results.

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    Peptide purification often generates a lot of fractions that require time-consuming concentration and pooling. Automated evaporation technologies can quickly and gently remove both aqueous and organic solvents, thus streamlining the process.

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