Peptide Workflow

    Systems, Consumables and Accessories

    The peptide synthesis workflow involves synthesis, purification and evaporation steps.  Biotage has developed a range of tools to increase speed and efficiency of all steps in the peptide synthesis workflow, while improving the quality of peptides synthesized.

    biomark002.344 peptide workflow card

    Biotage offer a range of manual, semi-automated and fully automated systems depending on your peptide synthesis needs. Whether you require a system that makes a single peptide or multiple peptides in parallel, we have an instrument to suit your requirements.

    Flash chromatography is a very efficient technique to dramatically clean-up synthetic peptides and process larger quantities of crude material rapidly. Biotage offer close to prep-HPLC performance in a flash format and enable more peptide to be processed in a single injection and faster with Flash Purification. 

    Parallel peptide purification with Biotage® PeptiRen-96 well plates together with the established Biotage® Extrahera™ sample processing system. Specifically designed for the rapid purification of peptide libraries, vastly reducing the both the time taken and the overall solvent consumed.

    Removing Peptide Cleavage Cocktail and evaporating DMSO is no longer a problem with Biotage® V-10 Touch.