Too Many Choices?

    Biotage has a wide range of service plans and agreements to offer. Our customers can pick and choose the options that suit their individual needs and circumstances.

    To help you make your selection the table below presents the options available at purchase and afterwards.

    If you cannot find an option that suits your needs or if you are interested in a customized package or additional regional specific options then we can still help.

    Please don't hesitate to reach out to our contract specialists who stand ready to help.


    After market Options
      Priority Limited PM Factory*
    PM x x x  
    PM KIT x x x  
    Travel x x    
    Labor x x    
    Parts x      
    Response Time 3 5 10 5
    On site Service x x    
    Mail in Service       x

    *only applicable for selected instruments


    Point-of-Purchase Options
      FYMP Installation Extended Warranty IQOQ
    PM Visit x      
    Installation x x    
    Familiarization x x    
    Parts x x x  
    Travel x x x  
    labour x x x  
    Response Time 3 unspecified 5  
    *Qualification       x

    *only optional for selected instruments