Purification of Tagged Proteins

    PhyTip® Columns for Automated Purification of Tagged Proteins

    Recombinant proteins can be expressed carrying an affinity tag that can be used for affinity purification. The choice of affinity tag can influence the protein solubility, stability and biological activity. Our unique PhyTip columns enable automated purification of proteins with high recoveries, while being gentle on the protein and yield consistent results Read more about our technology here.

    Our PhyTip columns are available packed with carefully selected high quality affinity medias for effective purification of tagged recombinant proteins with purification protocols that have been validated with real protein samples at customer sites all over the world.

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    Affinity Purification by PhyTip Columns

    Our PhyTip columns are available with carefully selected affinity medias for purification of tagged proteins. We offer all our PhyTip columns for protein purification in resin bed volumes from 5 μL to 320 μL for purification of µg to mg protein samples. Sample volumes can be varied between 100 µL and 50 mL.

    We offer pre-programmed automation systems for protein purification. However, our PhyTip columns are available for all major liquid handling systems – which allows you to use them on existing instrumentation you may already have in your lab.

    Product Groups

    biomark002.405 - IMAC
    IMAC PhyTip® Columns

    Purification of histidine-tagged proteins by high-capacity Ni-IMAC affinity media.

    biomark002.407 - Streptavidin
    Streptavidin PhyTip® Columns

    Purification of biotin-tagged proteins by Streptavidin affinity media.

    biomark002.406 - Glutathione
    Glutathione PhyTip® Columns

    Purification of GST-tagged proteins by Glutathione affinity media.

    Other Blocks in the Workflow

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    Automated protein purification by ion exchange PhyTip columns.

    Automated high throughput desalting and buffer exchange.