Who we are

    Biotage is a global company headquartered in Uppsala - Sweden. We enable drug development, efficient diagnostics, and analysis of biological and environmental samples.

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    Where We Are

    We have approximately 500 employees around the world, with concentrations of employees in our home office in Sweden (Uppsala), and our regional offices in USA (Charlotte, NC), UK (Cardiff), Japan (Tokyo and Osaka), China (Shanghai), Korea (Seoul), and India (Delhi). In addition, we have a number of employees located in the field throughout Europe and North America.


    Career development

    Within Biotage, there are many different professional groups and employees. Biotage needs employees with diverse skills and experience.

    We offer a wide range of opportunities for motivated employees who share our enthusiasm and commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service. We work to ensure that our products and processes are sustainable for the future.

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    What We Offer

    Biotage is a knowledge-driven organization where the aptitude and scope for innovation is an important success factor. It is the employees who every day represent this innovation, and convey it when meeting customers. We place considerable demands on the employee’s skills and ability, and Biotage has the central task of creating the right prerequisites for employees to develop and feel committed. Skilled and dedicated employees who enjoy their work are essential ingredients for fulfilling our goals. We aim to be an attractive employer where we can offer these challenges and development opportunities in a fair, diverse, and rewarding workplace.

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