Flash Chromatography

    Advancing compound purity in drug discovery and research

    Flash chromatography excels at separating a wide range of compounds effectively. The technique enables the adjustment of multiple variables to reach the desired purity level, ensuring successful flash purification.

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    Reducing Solvent Usage Effectively

    Reducing solvent usage in flash chromatography is critical for environmental and cost reasons. Fortunately, there are effective strategies to achieve this.

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    Faster + Simpler + Greener

    Our flash chromatography approach focuses on efficient isolation of target molecules with maximum recovery. Supported by our modular, fully automated Biotage® Selekt systems and Biotage® Sfär pre-packed columns, we can cater to various needs in drug discovery and research laboratories.

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    Seamless Scale Up

    Establish optimal flash purification parameters during the development phase to optimize loading, compound purity, and yield. This ensures reproducibility from lab to manufacturing.

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    Biotage® Selekt

    A two column channel system with a colorful and intuitive user interface on a large touchscreen enables even the most complex tasks to become simplicity itself. High flow rate and pressure make separation faster and greener due to less solvent consumption.

    Biotage® Selekt Enkel

    A single-column dedicated workhorse instrument with a modular design, that can be modified to fit within any organic workflow. Featuring the same graphical user interface, quality and greener workflow credentials of the Biotage Selekt system.

    Biotage® Sfär

    Biotage have made spherical silica a standard due to its higher surface area and higher loading capacity. Reliable and flexible, Biotage® Sfär columns allow larger loading capacities, tighter elution bands and purer fractions than traditional flash columns.

    Isolera™ Systems

    Our legacy systems, reliable and unbreakable systems that have contributed to making the history of flash purification and still deliver thousands of purifications.

    Large Scale Flash Purification

    Large scale systems for the purification of target compounds in scale-up studies, in manufacturing and on the pilot plant.

    Biotage® SNAP XL Family

    Our plant Flash 75/150/400 and Isolera LS lab-based flash systems need minimal maintenance and their design has proven to be extremely reliable over many years. 

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    Other steps in the organic workflow

    Biotage evaporation offer is designed for faster evaporation of volatile and high-boiling solvents and sample transfer minimization. Utilizing rotation and vacuum technology, Biotage will automate your evaporation and make it faster, simpler, greener.

    Microwave heating is by far the superior choice for synthesizing novel compounds and can offer advantages other than just speed. Working at temperatures and pressures not attainable through traditional heating, it allows chemists to perform reactions otherwise not possible. Faster, Simpler, Greener.

    A complete set of tools to speed up traditional work flow processes and also enhance productivity and flexibility in the laboratory.  Faster, Simpler, Greener.