Flash Chromatography

    A step towards increased purity

    When a step in a molecular is synthesis is completed and workup has been performed, the resultant reaction mixture is often complex containing many chemical species. These include starting materials, catalysts, side product and solvent as well as the target product of the reaction. To progress the synthesis, the product needs to be isolated in sufficient purity for the next step. Traditionally, this has involved column chromatography with a packed glass column, involving solvent addition through the top of the column and gradual elution of the components in a steady solvent from through chromatographic interactions.


    Flash Chromatography the Biotage way

    The Biotage approach to sample purification involves the use of automated flash chromatography. By using pre-packed flash columns and a fully automated instrument, target molecules from synthetic reactions are rapidly isolated with a focus on maximised recovery. The Biotage approach is to employ flash as it is extremely rapid and reproducible, much greener than traditional methods, as sample loadings are maximised and therefore solvent consumption reduced, and very straightforward and simple to use with intuitive touch screen software, a robust and reliable design and assisted method development.

    Product groups

    Biotage® Selekt

    A two column channel system with a colorful and intuitive user interface on a large touchscreen enables even the most complex tasks to become simplicity itself. High flow rate and pressure make separation faster and greener due to less solvent consumption.

    Biotage® Selekt Enkel

    A single-column dedicated workhorse instrument with a modular design, that can be modified to fit within any organic workflow. Featuring the same graphical user interface, quality and greener workflow credentials of the Biotage Selekt system.

    Biotage® Sfär

    Biotage have made spherical silica a standard due to its higher surface area and higher loading capacity. Reliable and flexible, Biotage® Sfär columns allow larger loading capacities, tighter elution bands and purer fractions than traditional flash columns.

    Isolera™ Systems

    Biotage® Isolera™ One and Prime systems are our legacy systems, the gold standard of flash chromatography. Reliable and unbreakable systems that have contributed to making the history of flash purification and still deliver thousands of purifications.

    News from our blog

    When purifying molecules, maximizing your efficiency is critical to your daily work. For us at Biotage, helping you to make the most of your time is of paramount importance. That is why we have designed a lean and compact automated flash system like Selekt. Learn more about it here.

    In 1994, Biotage became the first manufacturer of pre-packed columns for flash purification. Today that legacy continues, as Biotage produces a broad selection of Flash purification columns, giving chemists the freedom to choose the best solution that suits their needs. Sfär [svæ:<r>] is the Swedish word for sphere, learn more about it here.

    White paper - Flash chromatography is the preferred purification technique of organic, medicinal, natural product chemists, and more recently peptide chemists because it has the power to separate a broad variety of compounds more efficiently than other crude purification techniques. Here is a whitepaper which seeks to explain the factors that ensure successful purifications with flash column chromatography.

    Other blocks in the workflow

    Biotage evaporation offer is designed for faster evaporation of volatile and high-boiling solvents and sample transfer minimization. Utilizing rotation and vacuum technology, Biotage will automate your evaporation and make it faster, simpler, greener.

    Microwave heating is by far the superior choice for synthesizing novel compounds and can offer advantages other than just speed. Working at temperatures and pressures not attainable through traditional heating, it allows chemists to perform reactions otherwise not possible. Faster, Simpler, Greener.

    A complete set of tools to speed up traditional work flow processes and also enhance productivity and flexibility in the laboratory.  Faster, Simpler, Greener.