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    Turnkey Automation Solution for PhyTip® Columns

    A small laboratory with a limited number of samples - or a large core-lab with high throughput sample management? Whatever your throughput is, we have an automated solution for your workflow. All solutions are based on our proprietary PhyTip columns for protein purification which utilize dual flow chromatography - for up to 95% recovery, fast processing times and highly pure samples.

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    Turnkey Methods

    Our systems are pre-installed with turnkey methods for protein purification by PhyTip columns that can be run as they are. By adapting the number of dual flow chromatography cycles, number of wash steps etc., you can optimize the methods for your specific application.

    ME Demo System
    ME System

    Get started with PhyTip columns or for the low throughput user. A semi-automated system for protein purification.

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    Plasmid purification

    Automated purification by transfection-grade, supercoiled plasmid DNA by our unique PhyTip® column technology.